Participation in our program is open to all 4th-8th grade girls in Wauconda School District      
5 Teams 48 Players 13 Coaches 2 Partnerships (WHS & WPD) 1 Community                     Updated 1/26/15


4th Grade Team gets First Victory of the Season by Defeating Grant 13 - 10!!!
Sunday, Febraury 1st @ Wauconda High School from 1pm to 4pm
3pt Contest - Players and Parents
Free Throw Contest - Players and Parents
Basketball Games by Grade - Players vs Coaches/Parents
 Jr. Lady Bulldog Night @ WHS (with WHS Lady Bulldogs)
GREAT NEWS!!! With BIG KUDOS to Josh Buchenberger, the Wauconda Park District Athletic Supervisor and the WPD staff, the partnership has been successful. There will be a 1st/2nd grade WJLBPD Team. That's right an all girls team. This is very exiting news for the Community. I also want to thank any parent that might have recruited a player.
Game & Event Schedule
Most 5th-8th locations of games can be found on the NIGFBA website on the team schedule page
4th grade locations of games can be found on the team page

Volunteer Opportunity


Our program is run by an all volunteer staff and we are always looking for help. Please contact us and volunteer for general duties.  

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Wauconda Jr. Lady Bulldogs

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Board Members

Toby Karg - Program Director

Andy Pikel - Assistant Director

Al Chapnick - Assistant Director

Scott Deaver - Treasurer

Cheryl Deaver - Secretary